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  What is the syllabus and difficulty level of the paper?
  Ans. Syllabus is mainly the syllabus of previous class (like for XI going students it is class X syllabus). But we always keep few questions which are of advance level of applications of the previous class, to know “who are the genuine scholars”.
  Do you provide sample papers for Admission test?
  Ans. Yes, we provide sample papers. But it’s available only website to registered students only.
  Which book my child should follow to do best in your Admission Test?
  Ans. Although FIITJEE admission test pattern are changed time to time and we always keep some surprise element in papers to understand the exam temperament of a student still student can refer to last two year’s N.C.E.R.T.
  Any conception of direct admission in FIITJEE?
  Ans. Yes, have criteria for direct admission based on different competitive exam�s performance. Please refer to brochure.
  Do you have reserved seats in your admission test?
  Ans. No, we don’t have any reserved seats for admission test. We give admissions only depending upon the performance in FIITJEE Admission Test.
  Do you give scholarship?
  Ans. Yes, we do give scholarship on Tution Fee of the program fee based on the performance in admission test to the excellent performer. There are few other scholarship options. For detail please go through FIITJEE main brochure.


  What is better Integrated School Program or Class Room Programs?
  Ans. Integrated school program is advisable as it saves time and is less stressful.
  Apart from certain financial benefits what extra privileges are provided to students enrolling early?
  Ans. We provide them test papers and study materials for supporting the present final school exams.
  How will my child cope-up with FIITJEE and school at the same time?
  Ans. When a student joins our classroom program we plan classes in a week in such a way that it leaves him/her enough time to cover school studies as well. but it is always advisable to complete the school work in school itself. However preparation for IIT-JEE also helps students for their board/school exams. “Please refer Topper’s Speak CD”.
  If I enroll my child/ward (studying in Standard XI) in your Two Year Classroom Program, would you be preparing him/her for Board examination?
  Ans. Yes, most of IIT-JEE concepts are derived from what they study in CBSE syllabus of standard XI & XII. Hence all long term classroom programs provide support for school final exams as well as competitive exams. “Please refer Topper’s Speak CD”.
  Why should student join from Class VI?
  Ans. FIITJEE prepare students for other competitive exams and build their fundamental base. Class VI is the right time to start building foundation for NTSE.
  Will IIT-JEE preparation at FIITJEE help my ward to undertake any other competitive exams?
  Ans. Yes, it does help as we provide basics of AIEEE/BIT-SAT/OTHER RECs, Olympiads, NTSE & JSTSE etc. during the course.
  Does the teachers devote extra time for my ward if he/she misses any class or is not satisfied?
  Ans. It’s never advisable to miss classes. Please take it from our academic calendar. Yes your ward can get personal extra time depending upon the availability of the faculty.
  Is it Possible to change the centre after admission?
  Ans. Yes, genuine cases are considered. A small amount is charged as “Transfer charges” as a administration cost.
  How do we get to know about our ward’s performance?
  Ans. At FIITJEE, we make sure that we keep parents informed and updated about their child’s performance by providing them.
– Phase wise students attendance cards
– Phase wise student performance
– Conduction of PTM (for XII pass batches it is not conducted)
Otherwise you can any time enquire by reaching our Academic Operations Department.
  If my ward leaves FIITJEE in between the course, is there any chance of refund?
  Ans. No, there is no refund policy. we always say preparation for IIT-JEE or competitive exam is not easy. There will be time which your child might feel extra pressure because of school and competitive exam preparation. he/she might feels to drop out. But please remember “This is the way of preparation of competitive exam, where every student face some difficulty” that’s why only fighters can qualify. so motivate your child to fight with the situation. come to for counseling of your child further. only those students who fight till the last moment will reach some good level.


  What is the best time to start the preparation for IIT-JEE?
  Ans. Keeping in mind that IIT-JEE has only two chances so your ward should start the preparation as early as possible.
  Do you provide trial classes?
  Ans. No, we do not provide trial classes.
  Would you be fixing the days of classes so that my child can plan properly?
  Ans. For weekend and Spl. weekend classes are on Saturday and Sunday (some time we call Spl. weekend and weekend batches for extra classes on week days during school holidays.).
  What is the usual strength for a batch?
  Ans. Usually batch strength lies between 40 to 50 students.
  Do you have transport facility?
  Ans. No
  Do you have hostel facility?
  Ans. Yes, We do have a hostel facility for details contact Reception on 011-28035965/64/63